Rental Property Renovation

This 1970s built fourplex featured outdated yellow and red wood siding, original aluminum windows, old doors damaged by the years and much more. Reid overhauled the building inside and out. The exterior features a new roof, new siding, doors, windows, decks and railings. The interior of each of the four suites includes new cabinets, tile and laminate floors, fresh paint, new bathroom fixtures, and more. 



"My rental property was in desperate need for a renovation before Reid came into the picture. They were able to transform this drab, out-dated living space into a comfortable and modern home for my tenants. My expectations were far exceeded, and the renovations that took place are good enough to withstand another 30 years. Since the renovation I've been able to obtain more rental income and the tenants are much more happy with their upgraded home."


-Property Owner